International volunteer programs

Dr Aris Apostolopoulos, from Greece.

I wanted to visit places and meet the people not as a tourist but from within the system. I lived with people that I could never get to know. Read more...

Davide Tassi, from Italy

The program was very well organized, the volunteer is never left alone, and that’s very nice especially for younger volunteers facing for the first time a foreign country. Read more...

Sylke Abdinghoff, from Germany

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm, love, friendship and energy which goes in the work of Nos do Cinema that I can surely say it was more than I Read more...

Camilla Johansen, from Norway

This was a great opportunity to do something meaningful and at the same time get to experience Rio and Brazil in a different way. Read more...

Vanessa Carvalho, from Portugal

It was a unique experience. The people were very welcoming, making me feel comfortable. Read more...

Jonathan Curiel, from France

To have the opportunity to work in a favela was an unbelievable experience from a cultural, sociological and human perspective. Read more...

Barbara Schick, from Austria

My experiences went beyond all my expectations. It was just such a wonderful experience in a wonderful city with great people around. Read more...

Najin Kim, from Korea

The world today is connected in so many ways and it is everyone's responsibility to get together and take responsibility to solve the problems all people face. Read more...

Rosemary Ennis, from Northern Ireland

I feel I am returning to Ireland a more open minded and capable individual. Read more...

Jin Voeks, from the US

It was interesting to see someone begin to learn something. Read more...
General Conditions – International Volunteer Programs: PDF Print E-mail

What is included in the program fee:

- Development of the volunteer placement together with the partner organization;
- Initial support to locate public transportation means to and from the project;
- Program management and administrative fee;
- Donation to the partner organization (50% of the NET placement fee ie R$400);
- Orientation and information about getting around the city, guides, listings, tips, maps, health issues and safety;
- Airport pickup by an Iko Poran representative;
- Lodging in a comfortable house exclusive to volunteers;
- Assistance in the case of emergencies.

- Breakfast consisting of bread, butter, jam, ham, cheese, milk and fresh tropical fruit.

What is not included (for example):
- Travel to Brazil;
- Visa costs (if necessary);
- Insurance (Volunteers should buy their own health and travel insurance);
- In-country transport (except airport pickup);
- Meals (except for breakfast)

It is necessary to be 18 and over.

It is necessary to have a valid passport for at least six months to travel to Brazil.

Visas are required for tourists of many nationalities, including Australia, Canada and United States; the visas are usually for 90 days, with a possible extension for another 90 days.

You should make your own arrangements and pay the costs of your travel to the program's place.

Our team leaders know the local communities and can help you understand the local culture, answer questions, establish goals and offer helpful advice.

Please also read: The Role of the International Volunteer and CODE OF CONDUCT IKO PORAN