We do not charge an initial subscription fee. Therefore we ask you to only sign up when you are really sure that you want and can take part in an international volunteer program in Brazil. Please download and print the Iko Poran International Volunteer Agreement.

Your application will only be considered after we receive an email with your scanned signed agreement to volunt@ikoporan.org
After we receive your application form and the signed volunteer agreement, someone from our team will contact you to guide you through the next procedures to format your unique, productive and rewarding volunteer experience. If you would like general information about volunteering with Iko Poran, please click here.

Please also read: The Role of the International Volunteer and CODE OF CONDUCT IKO PORAN

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Please note that all projects are closed during the Carnival week (February 28th to March 4th). Any volunteer that arrived prior to Carnival and is staying in the guest house throughout this period will be required to pay a premium of $R700 regardless of their arrival date.

We will be open for the World Cup, starting June 12 and ending July 13, 2014. Please be aware that the last day we will receive volunteers before the World Cup will be June 7, 2014. You will have to stay a minimum of 5 weeks and there will be a 50% surcharge for accommodation during this period. If you do not wish to stay during the World Cup, your departure will be on June 7, 2014.

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