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NGOs are known as the ´third sector´ in Brazil (the others are the public and private sectors). There are around 220.000 Non Governmental Organizations – NGOs – in the country. Many have a lack of capacity in marketing and management strategy. Iko Poran was generated to help address this.

Although the main objective of an NGO is to fulfill its development goals, like in the private sector, NGOs need a strong brand and a good management strategy to help to raise the necessary resources, attract the best professionals, increase their effectiveness and establish credibility with their stakeholders.

Iko Poran works with many NGOs and provides them with three kinds of services: volunteer work, financial resources and technical support in management and marketing.

Iko Poran develops volunteer programs designed to meet the specific needs of NGOs to help enable them provide better services to their communities. At the same time, they offer an enriching experience to volunteers who see at first hand the social and environmental impact of their work.