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Brazil is the size of a continent and covers almost half of South America. This gives it great cultural diversity and a huge variety of landscapes and people, which leaves a profound impression on visitors.

Brazil is a country with a tropical climate and vibrant colors. It contains a large variety of fauna and flora, offering a range of attractions, ranging from the impenetrable jungle to a variety of different mountain ranges, large swamplands and a network of several large rivers – some flowing across vast plains, some forming magnificent waterfalls -until they arrive at the Atlantic coast with its 8.000 kilometers of continuous beautiful beaches.

While Brazil´s natural beauty is impressive, it´s the country’s culture which captivates visitors. Brazilian people come from a complex ethnic mix of indigenous Indians, Portuguese and African Negroes, and continue to absorb a variety of influences. Brazil´s cultural identity was formed on values such as tolerance, solidarity, and the joy of living. Brazilians are warm hosts who love to laugh, sing and dance.

Brazil is also a complex country, contradictory, unfair and unequal, which reflects one of the highest concentrations of income in the world: less than 1% of Brazil's population owns more than 40% of money and property. But at the same time, it is a land full of opportunity. The complexity of Brazilian society accounts both for its difficulties, through its huge social contradictions, and for its great creative energy, which is necessary for Brazil to assume a place among nations more in keeping with its potential.

Photos by Felipe Goifman -